Valentine's Day at VDC

Are you planning a romantic getaway to the beautiful Wellington Winelands? We have the perfect location for you at Piza e Vino. Treat your significant other to an unforgettable meal by booking your table at our new restaurant. 

View our menu here and decide for yourself. 

The Winelands has many hidden gems and we are one of them. Skip the crowded city restaurants and escape to the serene valleys of Wellington. The gorgeous views and sublime sunset adding a hint of romance that can only be found at Val du Charron. 

Surrounded by mountains, vineyards and olive groves a more beautiful setting there cannot be to enjoy simple, fresh food cooked in the traditional Italian way using authentic methods with a twist.

Piza - e - Vino’s food is rigorously Italian, healthy and creative and through this simplicity, we believe that a winning formula has been discovered.

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The Local Grill has plenty in store to tantalise your taste buds this Valentine's Day. We plan on indulging in the finest oysters to set the mood and ending it off with only the best award winning wines from our cellar. Treat your loved one to a taste adventure. Dine beside our glass doors opening up to an unforgettable sunset. 

The Local Grill is simply nirvana for carnivores: grain-fed and grass-fed beef, dry or wet aged, is all aged between 22 and 55 days - plus there’s steak tartare, oxtail, brisket, marrow bones, biltong and beef burgers too. Venison, pork and chicken feature prominently along with salmon, prawns and calamari, and there are also vegetarian options on the menu

View our deluxe Valentine's Day Menu here

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